Gionee Plans to Start Manufacturing in India

Post the fate suffered by Xiaomi, another Chinese manufacturer, Gionee has decided to bring its manufacturing facilities to India. The court injunction on Xiaomi sales has definitely turned heads and given that the high flying player has been banned from holding sales in India, it makes sense that Gionee is seeking alternate routes. With fears over patenting issues, from the likes of Ericsson who own large spectrum of LTE patents, Gionee has come out and said that it is awaiting clarification of policies from the Indian government before going ahead with the plan.

Gionee Manufacturing

William Lu, the president ofGionee Global said, “It depends on the (government) policy, we are ready to manufacture in India”.

Gionee produces about 30 million devices a year at its China manufacturing plant and expected the number to rise up to 45 million, when the next phase of the factory is ready. Arvind Vohra, the Head ofGionee India went a step further on to suggest that he would rather be interested in going into deep manufacturing than just having an assembly line in India. he was quoted as saying, “It depends at what stage the (Indian) government plans to facilitate manufacturing, as far as we are concerned, we are ready at every stage. We have to find vendors for our produce. If the need is for an assembly line we are ready now but would rather go for deep manufacturing.”

Arvind also shed light on IUNI, a sister brand of Gionee that was launched in China earlier stating that he hopes to have the brand registered in India by mid this year.


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