Give Retro Styled looks to Your Photos with SimpleRetro

SimpleRetro is an online tool that allows users to edit their images and give them a retro feel when finished with editing. It is simple and easy to use and can be done online without much effort. The website offers a variety of preset effects that can help liven up your images.


This online photo editor is meant purely for casual users who want some simple edits done on their images quickly. The tool provides users with a number of filters to apply on their images to give them that old looking feel.

You can register to the website using your Facebook or Twitter account and can even share your edited photos on Facebook directly from the website after editing them.

You can use a webcam to get an instant photo or simply upload an image from your computer. There is a drag and drop function available by which you can simply drag your image from a folder on your computer and drop them on the space on the website. You can view images uploaded by other users on the website.

This online tool is simple and easy to use if you want a quick edit to your images to give them that antique feel in seconds.

Check out SimpleRetro.

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