Give the new Chrome Tab a Visual Overhaul with Shader

We all are in a habit of pressing Cmd/Ctrl plus T for any information we are looking for. This is the shortcut for opening new tab. If you are using Google Chrome, by default, the new tab opens a set of box like arranged windows of your most frequently visited websites. Most of us are not comfortable with this and would like a more simplistic solution.


Shader- 3D New Tab is exactly that. This extension is available for free in the Google Chrome webstore and basically changes how the new tab appears for you. The extension removes all the links and replaces that with a sweet 3D background and on top of it are the most essential information including the day, time, google search bar as well as a greeting message to give you an idea of the time of the day. Sadly, there is no date available here, and the time too is in 24 hour format with no option of changing it to 12 hour. In addition to the search bar, there are also shortcuts to some of the most commonly used Social Network apps such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

The extension is extremely simple, with the only thing you can change, being the background image. The best thing about installing Shader is that it does not hog memory of your computer. One of the major complains about Chrome extension sin the past have been that they suck up the resources of the PC making Chrome very heavy on memory, that is surely not the case here. The extension is really simple to use, and you can download it for free from the store right here.

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