Glitch your Image with this interesting Tool Online

In the day and age where a display picture lasts shorter than an Indian Cricket Team’s batting inning in Test matches in South Africa, there is always somebody looking at unique ideas to bring to their pictures. Yes we know that you love your Display Images across the Social Platforms and would only settle on the best possible pictures of yours with the most killer expressions but every once in a while, there is nothing wrong in distorting your images and putting up a disturbing picture.

glitch your pictures

This is where a Glitching Tool is so awesome. Remember back in the good old days when the movies were watched on VHS and if the tape was spoilt you had glitches? Yes, the discoloration of pictures that really irritated you. The same effect is now possible for you to apply to your pictures making your pictures look glitchy and right from the ancient days. All you need to do is to visit the application here and upload a picture of your choice that you want to glitch. You have four different controls, for amount of glitch, seed size, iterations and quality of glitch to determine how your picture would come out. If you are not into all the nitty gritty, you can simply select the randomize tab on the side which will give you random combinations till you are satisfied with the result.

The tool, needless to say, is available for free. So, what picture did you pick up and glitched? Let us know in the section below.

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