Go Pedometer App Tells Your Speed and Calories Burned While You Walk

There is no limit of imagination. With this thinking, developer black block made an intelligent app which is extremely useful for medical purpose, also for fun. Suppose you are on a walk and you want to know how much calories you burn every day. Install Go Pedometer. This device tells you how many calories burnt, also at what speed you are walking. Smart, isn’t it.

This app works when you put your device in your pocket.  Also by keeping in your iPhone in pocket, light of your phone automatically turns off . Thanks to proximity sensor. In the start you need to enter your height and weight and rest of the work is done by intelligent algorithm embedded inside the app.

This app is ideal for walking, jogging and running purpose, also the main feature of this app is, it doesn’t need GPS to work, unlike other applications. On its interface, it displays, speed, distance and calories burnt. Also you can see on the map your current location. Also, this app has an inbuilt music system to listen to music while walking.

There is a history section in an app which tells you about the previous places and paths you covered. Also there is an option to share your path via email to any of your friends. Overall this app is great to purchase. Its cost is only 0.99$ on an app store. Are you interested in this app or you know any other app better than this? Mention it in comments.

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