God Mode in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with a hidden features that is really useful to the users. This feature is known as GodMode. It is a place where you can access all the Windows 7 settings from one place. The only way to access the GodMode is by  creating a new folder. You need to create a new folder anywhere on your PC and rename it by some weird looking strings.

Right click on your desktop and select New –> Folder to create a new folder.


Rename the new folder by the text given below.



Folder icon will change to control panel icon. Double click on it to find the every single settings present inside Windows 7.

windows 7 god mode

Here you’ll get every single option to improve the performance and changing the settings of your computer. In my computer’s GodMode there are total 290 items available.


Administrative tool, backup and restore, color management, desktop gadget, homegroups, networks and sharing center and other settings which you easily see in the Control Panel. Will you prefer GodMode over Control panel on your Windows 7 PC?


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