Gold iPhone 5S Coming with 128 GB Storage?

There had been rumors earlier in the day that Apple has been seriously considering adding a third variant of iPhone, which so far is available in black and white colors, but nobody took it seriously, until some of the pictures leaked out. The color that has been making the rounds is champagne gold. Yes, an iPhone 5S in champagne gold color. And if that was not enough, the device may well come in a new variant as far as storage space is concerned too. The iPhone 5S could be the first iPhone, in fact first phone to bring 128 GB of flash storage on board.

iphone_5s_golden 2_

Some of the pictures above have been leaked out by a French blog called Macboutic. There is absolutely no surety of the authority of the Blog, but plenty of big players and analysts seem to be jumping on the story. The iPhone 5S is expected to be released next month on September 10th with tweaked hardware inside a fairly similar looking body to iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S could come with a biometric sensor with enhanced security and a dual LED Flash.


There are also rumors of a larger lens for the front camera and a spec-bump as far as both the SoC and RAM go. The iPhone 5s could be the first device to sport the all new A7 chip which is based on ARM’s V8 Architecture. Not just iPhone 5s, but a budget iPhone, 5c is also expected to be released.

Are you excited for the iPhone 5s in golden color? Let us know your comments.

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