Goodbye Job: I am a full time Blogger now

I am extremely happy to announce that I am a full time blogger now. My journey of blogging started when I attended a mega event known as Wordcamp where I met incredible bloggers like Amit Agrawal, Om Malik , top bloggers of India and the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg aka Photomatt.

When I was kid I always attracted towards technology, gadgets and games but I never thought that I could convert my interest into my career. Thanks to blogging. The day I knew I can earn through this medium I worked hard on my blog. I saved some money and I am earning money through freelancing work and my own blog therefore I decided to give a sharp turn to my career and finally I quit my day job.

A small introduction: Hi friends, I am Himanshu Yadav, a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and a full time blogger from New Delhi, India. I love to write on latest technology, Web 2.0, internet tips and tricks, new ventures, internet buzz, blogging, blogging tips , Windows, web apps, software and all things related to tech.


My Journey

I started Blogging in the month of February 2009 and learn lots of things about WordPress, blogging, technology, social networking, etc. The decision of coming into professional blogging field was very tough for me and it took almost 6 months to decide myself to resign from my day job (I was working in a telecom company). Though I was always firmed of leaving my job because:

1) The job I was doing was not belongs to my interest.

2) I was doing hard work for blogging after I return home from office.

3) Health related issues

But there were certain words from my friends and family that stopped me always to become a full time blogger.

I want to thank all my friends especially Honey SinghHarsh Agrawal, Vivek Yadav, Pawan, Ashish for always guiding and helping me. I want to give a special thanks to my senior Gaurav Mishra whose words inspired and motivated me to leave my job to achieve my dreams.

Note: If you want to come into online venture and start your own blog then you should better know about this field first. Earning online money is not easy because it turns into frustration when you not earn any money through it.

Blogging doesn’t give any quick results. You can take it as an investment. The more time and hard work you invest today, you’ll get that much good return. But never underestimate the facts of marketing, SEO, and writing quality articles to become successful.

My Aims of blogging

author I want to make Blogtechnika a brand name by giving quality articles to my readers.

Also I want to spread blogging and online education awareness all over India (especially in rural areas) through various programs which will ultimately benefit my country.

At last I want to tell you that you need to go for my article before leaving your work for blogging because blogging doesn’t always brighten your dreams. It requires ultimate hard work, dedication, some sort of compromise, health issues. So think twice before moving into professional blogging field.

I need wishes

Yes, I need wishes from my fellow bloggers and my friends so that I can achieve all the targets of life. I promise  all my readers  that I will deliver quality content through this blog.

Fell free to comments if you need to come in professional blogging and the let us know the factors stopping you to start your own venture.

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  1. Hey Himanshu Welcome to the world of Pro-blogger and I can assure you, if you keep working like this. After few months you will never regret your decision and will be more thankful to the people who made you take this decision.

    • Thanks Harsh , you are always helpful to me and always being with me whenever I need you, its great to have a friend like you, I promise that I will achieve all the things whatever you expect from me. Thanks for being with me.

  2. Hi Himanshu,

    Congratulations on your risky and big move. It certainly takes balls to quit your day job and follow your passion.

    My concerns are however with the revenue stream that you tend to focus on. As in, I have seen there is hardly any adsense on your homepage. The only adsense block that appears is on your single posts. Is that enough to generate a revenue stream?

    Also, as a blogger myself My Blog here and here, the key point that I have noticed for all good bloggers is the control over the quality of the content and the way bloggers express themselves, which is very different from the press way of reporting.

    Cheerio, and welcome to wild side.

  3. I believe one doesn’t have to leave job to achieve heights in blogging. But it’s strictly a personal opinion.
    I work 12-16hrs a day. Which includes 8hrs of office followed by blogging.
    The delight and satisfaction I get by working in a No.1 software company is much higher than being the best blogger in the country.
    But as I said, it’s totally individual approach, everyone has a different vision.
    There are 100s of bloggers who earn more than their job from blogs (after leaving jobs, ofcourse).
    Best endeavors for your future, hope you come reach new heights.

    • @taranfx You are right, decision of leaving job for blogging varies from person to person, and also the condition of a person who wants to take such a decision.
      One who is earning 1000$ from his job can’t leave his job easily because the starting income from the blog is very low, of course the initial phase of blogging needs lots of hard work.

      I decided to left my job because I start earning that much amount of money from freelancing work with the help of my friends which was comparable to my salary I got from my day job.

    • Well well, life is not to work like a machine to earn money!! There’s something called fun to be tasted every day ( not twice in a week that is Saturday and Sunday ). Blogging allows you to enjoy life and also work when you wanted!!

  4. Arrived here from your SML post about blogging and drinking. Great blog you have here, subscribed!

    And talking about being a full time blogger, congrats man! Quitting my job and becoming a full time blogger has been my dream and aim for quite some time but I am not having much like with it till now. Although, I am making some decent money with freelance writing. Hope, I would join you someday ha ha …

    • Thanks Apurba for subscribing my blog feeds,subscribers are always a source of confidence and inspiration to give something different on blog. I will try to deliver some quality content on my blog. Thanks once again.

  5. Great sir,
    Your blog has some unique content which other blog does not have. It’s a nice decision you have taken. Hope after sometime i will become also become a blogger.

  6. Hey Dude!!

    First of all congratulations!!

    Plan your work and work your plan. That’s all I can say for you because you are a full time blogger now.

    I am following you on twitter ( India365) and facebook (Pro vamsi ).

    Good luck!

  7. Nice move. I am also waiting for full time professional blogger. But one needs to be extremely safe. Until i will make 5 times the money as compared to my day job. I will never leave my day job. I think. I will be making INR 50,000 after 6 month from my blog. let see what happens.

  8. good decision, i know such decisions are very difficult to take and get a step ahead for it. Good Luck frd and we are always here for the support 😉

  9. I am a +1 student from kerala..
    U really inspired me..
    I also want to become a blogger..
    Thanks to you for your inspiring words..
    Can you help me..

    My ambition to become an IIT student..


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