Google and T-mobile Support HTC in Apple vs HTC

After supporting Samsung in Apple vs. Samsung Patent war, T mobile and Google have now filed in support of HTC in the war of patents. The reason given behind their support to HTC is that Apple is keeping HTC from selling competitive devices and this is not in interest of American consumers. Actually, both Google and T-mobile are more interested in protecting Android and its manufacture and since HTC and even Samsung are Android smartphone manufacturers they are getting fair bit of support from Google. Apple has been able to ban the sales of Samsung’s galaxy tabs in Germany and Australia.

Apple says that both HTC and Samsung have violated software and hardware patents and they should not be allowed to sell devices in the US. However Google has said that Apple is using this patent system as means of monopoly and to take out competition from the market. Companies believe that Apple is targeting Android manufacturers to gain an upper hand in the market. T-mobile however stated that an injunction on Samsung or HTC would be harmful for the sales and the damages caused won’t be repaired. They also said that this injunction would harm the roll out of a 4G network.

All this support from companies like Google, T-mobile and Verizon may not provide any significant help but it really shows that the Android community is ready for the challenge. The patent cases might end in settlements or may end up in Apple’s favor like inAustraliaandGermanybut one thing is certain that this battle is here to stay.

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