Google Announces 17 new Android Wear Watch Faces

One of the coolest things about Android Wear is the ability to set up a different watch face every day which makes you feel like your watch is brand new every single day. With Android Wear SDKs being made available to the developer community, one thing that we have definitely noticed has been the heavy influx of third party faces with apps like Facer and more. And maybe it is these third party apps and faces, that has allowed Google to slack out a little bit and not introduce as many faces as we would have liked them to do so officially. The reason for wanting more official faces is that they are compatible with all the watches, unlike a third party development where you cannot expect the same.

Android Wear Summer Colelction

However, as a part of their summer offering, Google has brought along 17 new watch faces that aim to freshen up your Android Wear device if you do not like going the third party route. All of these 17 new watch faces are available on the Play Store and in order to appeal to a larger audience, Google has tied up with several well-known entities such as Angry Birds and Hello Kitty in order to come up with faces that are familiar. The names of these 17 watch faces are below:

  1. Moods of Norway
  2. Hello Kitty
  3. Time Will Come
  4. Rubik’s Watch Face
  5. ANREALAGE Watch Face
  6. Angry Birds Aviator
  7. George Frost Watch Face
  8. Terminator Genisys Watch Face
  9. Lulu Frost Watch Face
  10. Kevin Tong Watch Face
  11. TRIWA Watch Face
  12. Rowley Wristwear
  13. Bang & Olufsen Watch Face
  14. Geox Watch Face
  15. Moomins Watch Face
  16. MUJI to Relax
  17. Gundam RX-78-2 Watch Face

You can check out the watch faces right here.

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