Google Announces Service to Find your lost Android Smartphones

Losing your phone can be a painful thing. In a country like India though, losing a device is still a rare scenario than actually someone stealing the device away. Yes, that is the sort of society sadly we have become. However, most of the OEMs have now started taking a note of this and have as a result announced services which would allow you to track and locate your lost phones. Sony did it recently with My Xperia, a service that was activated last month to make sure you found your lost Sony devices. But, looks like Android want to make a tool that is available for all Android devices irrespective of the OEM.


This is the reason why they have announced Android Device Manager, a portal, to help you locate your Android device. The service not only lets you search for your device but also remotely wipe the data off it, very similar to the way it is when we use something like ‘Find My iPhone’. However, the service has a few addition features such as the ability to sound the ringer at maximum volume, even if it is on silent.

Remote monitoring is not yet announced, and it is expected that the service will support devices running Android 4.2.2 and upwards. There would be an app regarding the same that would be released, and the service is expected to go live at the end of the month.


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