Google Brings Material Design to its Play Store and Latest Chrome Beta build

Google is already pushing the material design on several of its services as it prepares for the public release of Android L in the coming fall. Recently Google rolled out an updated Google Play with the material design firmly in the heart of it. The app description page has been designed from ground up with bigger install buttons as well as a neater and flatter interface. Make sure you have updated to the latest Play Services to get the update on your Android smartphone.

Material Design- Chrome Beta

Google Play is not the only service getting the material design goodness as the latest Chrome Beta build for Android too has received the treatment. This has made the UI of the app a lot more flatter and easier to navigate. Operating several accounts when you are signed in to more than one Gmail account is a breeze too thanks to this update. To enjoy the material design you will need to pick up the version 37 of the Chrome Beta build for Android.

More applications are expected to get the Material Design treatment in the upcoming days as the public launch  gets nearer. This would also enable a dramatic redesign of several apps from ground up giving them an interesting different feel from the iOS counterparts. For now, most of the Android and iOS apps look similar, so it would be interesting how this would change with the Android L update and new set of design language that Google is propagating.

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