Google Chrome And Google Drive Now Available For iOS

All the Google lovers on iOS can now rejoice as two of the most frequently used Google Applications have found their way on iOS. The internet browser Chrome which has become the most used Desktop browser, both on Mac and Windows finally makes the transition post Google I/O where it was announced out of beta. Google Drive has also evolved from Google Documents and is widely used by folks already on Android.

Google Chrome UI is pretty similar to the Chrome on Android that we have been using over the last 5/6 months on Ice Cream Sandwich. It allows you to connect your desktop too by logging in to your Google account and also syncing the bookmarks across the devices. There is also the ability to open multiple tabs and integrate third party applications for reading the web pages later. It is an extremely clean UI and very easy to use. You can add upto 6 pages that you wish to use frequently in the square boxes for easy and quick access.

Google Drive on the other hand is a popular cloud storage service which enables you to have about 5 GB of free storage in the cloud with your Google Account. The application is again extremely similar to how it is on Android, the UI is exactly the same. you can make your documets available to be read offline or also edit the documents minorly. You can obvioulsy upload and download the documents too at anytime given you have a working internet connection. We would soon be reviewing both these applications on video, so do stay tuned for that.

It definitely is great news for those on iOS to be getting these services from Google. Google Drive especially looks great on iPad and Chrome is a joy to use with its simplicity and fast speed. What are your views on these? Do let us know in the section below.

Download Link: Chrome, Drive

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