Dress up your browser with Google Chrome themes

Google chrome is available with theme now, you can enhance your browsing experience by applying different themes on Chrome.

Now you can also experience Google chrome with different themes. So now you can check out for your browser with colours, patterns and images which enhance your browsing experience.



You can apply amongst 28 theme present on an official website. You can also go to your default theme if you want to switch. Just click the button given on the top right of the browser as shown in an image below.


Also when you apply any theme, a file will save on your computer. If you again want to apply the theme, just click on the saved icon of a theme. You needn’t download the theme file every time.

More If you want to download the unofficial themes, there is a website available where you will get very delicious themes for Chrome. The website known as Freechromethemes.

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