Google Chromecast is Officially Available via Google Play in India

Google Chromecast, the much sought after HDMI dongle which is able to stream your media over the Wifi connection at your place is now selling directly from Google Play in India. The dongle was announced at last year’s Google I/O and since then it has become a bit of a must have for those who are into heavy media consumption over Wifi. The dongle was initially made available only in the United States and later across Europe, yet the availability in India has always been through third party vendors such as Amazon and Snapdeal.


Chromecast will sell directly from the Indian version of Google Play Store for a price of Rs 2,999 even though the prices may vary on some of the other Ecom sites, allowing you to pick it up for much cheaper. Chromecast support has grown a fair bit in the recent past with Youtube tieing up with the likes of Eros and Rdio to allow you to stream content from the Youtube app directly to the HD television.

In terms of the availability, at the time of writing this post, Google Play states that the device will be leaving the warehouse in 1-2 business days, which would translate to a delivery in about 3/4 days if you are living in a metro city.

You can find the dongle at the Google Play Store here

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