Google Confirms SMS Integration Coming Soon in Hangouts

In a move that was expected Google has confirmed that the feature to integrate text messages with Hangouts is going to start rolling out soon. It was one of the features that everybody wanted as it would mean going to one application for both your Hangouts and Texts which  is how Google believes that Text communication will evolve. When you sign up for Hangouts it does ask for your phone number and verifies it, so that is the biggest clue that SMS integration is indeed on the way. Also, when you read the permissions required, the app asks for the ability to rad and send text messages on Android, as a result Android will be able to roll the service out live when it becomes available.

Google Hangout

The same cannot be said for iOS though given the closed nature of the platform and it is difficult to say if SMS integration will come to your beloved iPhone or iPad. Dori Storbeck, the Community Manager for Hangouts and Chat, confirmed on G+ that SMS integration will be rolling out soon but later on went ahead to edit her post saying that they have nothing to announce just yet A  classic case of building the excitement? Either way, we really love Hangouts and would be delighted when Google does integrate text messages with it. A matter of when more that if, looks like.

Via: The Verge

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