Google Dashboard Tells Everything Google Knows About You

In computing life, Google is everywhere. There are several Google products that you use on daily basis. You search for different things, upload photos on Picasa, blog on Blogger platform, use Chrome for browsing, use Gmail for mailing, Orkut for social networking, reader for reading feeds, Google talk for chatting, YouTube for watching videos and many other products for other task.

But do you know that Google smartly store all your activities on its servers. For example you might be surprised to know that Google has record of what you searched one year ago or two months ago. This is good as well as bad for you. If you want to see all such stored data at one place then move to Google Dashboard, all-in-one destination for Google products. It gives you clear picture of what stored in the Google database and it gives you facility to remove search records and do many other things with your accounts.


It shows all your Google accounts at single place. You can manage your account, profile, edit information, remove unwanted content and change password easily by using this dashboard. It gives all the information of other Google products. The most important part is you can remove the searched data. Also you can keep the search off so that Google, in future can’t store any of your search data. One thing to notice that before accessing any of your data, it asks for your Google account password for verification. That’s very good security measure from Google.

Check out Google Dashboard today.

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