Google Discontinues Nexus 7 From its Online Store

Google has decided to pull the marquee tablet, Nexus 7 from its Online Stores giving the first clear indications that the tablet has run its course. It is worth arguing that the Nexus 7 has been the only successful tablet to come out of the Nexus lineup and with it being discontinued too, it may spell an end for the game of tablets at least as far as Google goes.

New Nexus 7

It is worth noting that there are some sites, for example, the likes of Amazon that are still selling the Nexus 7 while in India, the likes of Flipkart still have the inventory of the 32 GB Wifi as well as the LTE variant. With the news trickling in that Google is pretty much pulling the shutters on the tablet, if you are looking to pick up a 7 inch device, this would be as good a time as any for you to get the device given most likely the inventories will run out soon.

Engadget has published a quote of a Google spokesman who insisted that while there is some inventory that is left over of the Nexus 7, the focus currently is on the Nexus 9 and boosting its sales, though there was no commitment on whether the Nexus 7 will come back into stock.

Here is the entire piece from Engadget:

Update: A Google spokesperson tells us that there’s still “some inventory” in stores and at carriers, but its emphasis is on the Nexus 9 “at this time.” In short, you’d better act fast if you find a Nexus 7 available… it probably won’t stick around for much longer.

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