Google Experience Launcher coming for all devices soon

When Android Kitkat 4.4 was released, one of the major things it brought with it was the Google Experience Launcher. It was an exclusive for just Android 4.4 on Nexus 5, however, once the apk file was revealed, you could install the launcher on any device running KitKat 4.4. We saw the people using the Moto X or even the Google Play Edition devices use the Experience launcher. It looks like as though, in the very near future, the launcher would be available for all the devices and no longer remain an exclusive.


In a report published by Droid Now it has been observed that after the most recent update to Google Search the launcher has been renamed as the Google Now Launcher instead of the Google Experience Launcher.  The name actually is a pretty good indication of what the launcher is all about as it brings the experience of using Google Now right to your desktop.

The only reason behind the renaming could be that Google plans to brings the launcher to all the dveices and that definitely makes sense given that Google Now is one of the services that Google is betting rather heavily on. With the service very close to being available on Chrome too, it makes sense that just about every device running Android gets it. Till that happens though, there is always the option of downloading the apk of Google Home Launcher and installing the latest search apk to get the experience on any Kitkat Device.

Via: Droid Life

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