Google Flights: Find the Cheapest Flights For Your Travels

Google has revolutionized the internet. there is absolutely no denying that and has come up with services that are really wonderful and the sorts that really make life way more comfortable than it was before. Be i t the new social network, or youtube or just the search engine, books or music, Google has made everything fun!!!


Google has well equipped you to enjoy the holidays too with the translator and the maps ensuring you enjoy your holiday destination. However, now Google has come up with a way to make sure you reach your destination by paying the cheapest price possible using a service called Google Flights. Google Flights is limited the United States only so far, but the indications are that it would be bought to the other countries too. what it helps you to do is find the cheapest possible flights between the two connecting places. No more do you have to go to a hundred travel agents or spend hours on various flights websites looking up for the lowest possible cost flights.


You can pick the flight from Google Flights and then go ahead and pick it up from the airline website. it is a really easy service to use even if you are new to the internet. There are various ways to filter the flights such as date, duration, price  and the airline carrier. Google Flights is without a doubt going to be a massive hit and if integrated with maps you can be sure shot of having the perfect vacation.

You can visit Google flights here.

How do you find the concept of Google Flights? How do you book your flights? Do let us know!

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  1. The interface for Google flights is great, I just used it to check flights for an upcoming trip. I like how it lets you choose multiple airports for both departure and arrival. We usually fly Southwest so we’re forced to book through them. It’s always interesting to see how Google hooks into their existing tech when providing services like this one. Really cool actually.

  2. The interface for Google flights is fine, but not intuitive enough. Granted, I work for a competitor that has been in the flight-finding business since 2004.

    We are, and will be, better than Google flights for two reasons. We have our own technology and have been beating ITA (the company Google bought for this venture) for years. A stronger reason is that in addition to prices from the airlines, we show prices for online travel agents as well, something we understand Google is not planning to do.

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