Google Goggles Turns Image into Text

Very often we have an important sheet of paper or text that we need and have no other option but to take a picture of the page and save it in the digital format. However the main problem arises when we have to convert that digital image to a text form and use it either as a reference or edit it and quote it. However, for this complex problem, we have a solution for our Android die hard users.


Google Goggles is a wonderful application that can do just this for you. It works well, even though there are errors on occasions but it is way better than having nothing. I could personally turn a lot of my digital text to the editable form and apart from a few characters not recognized, it worked well. It is rather easy to use once you get the hang of it and the UI is simple yet effective.

The only downside I found was the inability of Goggles to work very well on the mobile network, this was quickly rectified the moment I was on Wi-Fi. Using Google Goggles you can also know the names of companies by taking pictures of their logos, contact information from a business card, various places and its info from pictures, barcodes and various other things.


So the question is how exactly does this work, in the most simple terms, the picture you take from the camera from the application is analyzed using OCR. Here’s what tech blog Lifehacker says about this technology:

What’s text recognition? It’s technically known as optical character recognition (OCR) and can be really useful when you’ve got a paper document you want in digital, editable form. You need a scanner to create an image of the document first, but then once you have that image you can run it through an OCR application that will read each character and attempt to recreate the original document as text. In most cases it will never be perfect, but with a high-quality scan you can come pretty close. This is even possible on your phone, and that’s why we’re looking at text recognition apps.

Download Google Goggles absolutely free from the Android Market place.

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