Google Holding a Press Event on July 24th: Android 4.3 Coming?

It has been a while since we have had any iteration in the world of Android. In fact, looks like we have been stuck on Android 4.2.2 for ages now. It was reported that Google was close to announcing the next version of Android at Google I/O but pulled off at the very last moment. So, when the press event arrived for a breakfast with the Senior Vice President of Android, Mr. Sundar Pichai, it surely created a buzz that the next Android version is just about so close that you can smell it.

Press Invite Google

The event is scheduled for the morning of July 24th and since Sundar is mentioned on the invite, do not rule out a surprise or two. One of the surprises may well be that we could have the Moto X smartphone which would announce the return of Motorola as a major player in the world of smart phones. Another surprise could well be that we may see a new Nexus 7 tablet with reported 4 GB of RAM.

Whatever the case be, it sure is going to be an event that would make headlines for either the launched products or products that did not. We will bring you the update of whatever the conference brings, right here at Blogtechnika, so do check back.

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