The Story Of Instant-Mania Goes ON With “Image Instant” Search

After much hyped Google Instant, YouTube Instant, Map Instant, here comes Image Instant. So you can search images instantly on this site. The tool is developed by the same guy who developed Map Instant few days back. His name is Michael Hart, a student and geek. And he needs job from Google, that’s what written on the website he made.

To search images, go to Instant Images website. Type your query and get the result immediately while typing. Well, while using this tool, I came to know that it gives Angelina Joulie as a result while you type A in the search box. But real Google image website gives different result. Similar mismatch happens with other queries. It means developer used some other API (other than Google) to build this tool.

It seems the site is giving some biased result. For example: while searching Steve, it returns 9 images of Steve Jobs out of 10. But when I searched it on Google then it gave only one Steve Jobs result. Also Anjelina Joulie came just after typing a letter A. Also some improvement is required because after typing the query when I delete it, the previous result doesn’t get deleted. Overall the tool works very well giving results quickly just like Google instant search. A nice job by a college geek.
Check out Instant Images [via TechnixUpdate].

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