Google I/O 2012: Day 2 Round Up

After making a lot of news yesterday for having launched Jelly Bean 4.1 with improved features, unveiling the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q, updates to Google+ and the scintillating Project Glass. The second day belonged primarily to the Chrome and its applications.

Google stacked up its metric stats revealing the ever-growing world of internet, globally rising dedicated Chrome users and why and what it is upto and how its sole browser is the reason behind internet’s popularity. Reasoning the very 310 million users worldwide, they decided introducing the Chrome sync between OS X, Chromebook, Tablet, phone and notebook. Targeting the Apple’s Safari users worldwide, they introduced the Chrome for the ipad and the iphone with impressive overall performance.

Google Drive is coming to more platforms as well, including iOS. This includes document editing functionality. Google drive searching using an OCRed image was demonstrated, in addition image recognition for image search is now enabled as well. Drive on Chrome OS has become the file system for accessing documents and synced files. Collaborative editing works across these multiple platforms as well.

Offline editing for documents has now been added. Formatting and changes are saved locally and then synced back up to Google Drive when network connectivity is restored, even with the page closed. Google has also updated its Google Drive SDK for better access to functionality to integrate third party web applications with Google Drive.

Next, they talked of the Series 5 Chromebook, the Series 3 Chromebox and the redefined ChromeOS. They said that they have been working very hard for the same, bringing up weekly updates for the past one year and they managed to speed up the books upto three times thanks to the faster CPU and the hardware acceleration. Chromebooks will be available in retail stores as well; no talks of countries apart from the US as yet!

Infrastructure is up next with talk about Google’s datacenters. App Engine is now serving 7.5 billion hits per day and 2 trillion noSQL operations per month. Google just announced Google Compute Engine, which gives you a Linux Virtual Machine, or a number of them with various storage options. Launching a ton of VMs at Google’s scale with Compute Engine is now a possibility.

A streaming gaming service running on a Chrome box was up next, from Gaikai. This looks a lot like OnLive, but uses a native code sandbox application to run smoothly on Chrome OS. Chrome applications are expanding and getting new containers and functionality. Google then showed off a Chrome Cirque de Soleil application using some fancy CSS transforms and Chrome.

That was all for the day.

Stay Tuned for the latest on day three’s happenings.

via Techradar

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