Google I/O Roundup: Launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, Google Music Beta, Xperia Mini and Pro

So with the Google’s developers conference ending, there are a lot of announcements and good news for tech enthusiasts like you and me, some of the most interesting announcements were:


Launch of Ice Cream Sandwich:

A lot of us were literally crying out loud to Google to integrate one software for both tablets and their smart phones. So, that is finally happening, ice cream sandwich 4.0 intends to uniform the tablets and smart phones on one single platform which honestly would be developers dream. So, finally the days of the gingerbread and honeycomb may be out and we will be left with ice cream sandwich. Though don’t expect this to be out till q4 of this year. A great news none the less.

Launch Of Google Music Beta:

We all know that cloud computing is the future of computing and with Google music beta you can stream your music live from the cloud. How popular would this be only time would tell, but its pretty nice that you don’t have to actually store all your music into your smart phones and hence save valuable space for other multimedia.

Launch of Samsung Tab 10.1

Samsung Tab 10.1 was announced at the conference and hearing from all the developers who were actually given a tablet each , it seems like this is the best possible Google tablet out in the market. A close call between this and Asus e-transformer, but the crazy thin form factor and an extremely fast processor means a lot of people voted in favor of Samsung. Here is one of the unboxing by Noah from Technobuffalo of the new tablet:

Launch of Xperia Mini and Pro:

Sony Ericsson is finally looking like becoming the big player it once was in the mobile world especially after relative success of the Xperia Arc. To keep up with the trend Sony Ericsson announced the launch of their new Xperia X10 mini and mini pro, sporting a nice 3 inch display and 1ghz snapdragon processor this phone is blazing fast and with HD video recording on board and a customized version of 2.3 gingerbread, and slightly revamped hardware as compared to the previous x10 minis these two maybe nice phones to keep an eye on.

In other News , Google announced chrome books which are basically laptops running the chrome OS and with no hardware memory , they totally integrate with cloud computing. How far this would go is again a totally wait and watch scenario though Google did stress that this is a wonderful asset for the students.

Also announced were 5 new features for the market place which would help users pick up the application they want to, included were a section called editor’s choice where Google would recommend the best software.

And for all the Angry Birds fans, the popular game is now available on the Chrome Web Store so you can play your favorite game on your computer.

If you want to read in depth about the Google i/o, check out Google events.

So what do you make of all the announcements? Do let us know.

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