Google Launches Official Android Blog

Google is wide known for a multitude of services. However, recently Google asked everybody what would they like to see more of, and the inevitable answer was Android. The Google based Mobile OS is gaining on popularity and in a lot places already the most used Mobile OS. Hence to bring the readers closer and to give them a lot more classified contents, Google has launched its very own Android Blog. This is very much different from the mobile blog that existed before and is completely Android centric.

All the old content from the mobile Google has been moved to the new blog in case you want to still read some of the old articles. This indeed is a great move by Google as all the readers would now be able to pick up the latest from the world of Android and its developments right off one place.

You can visit the Android dedicated Blog here.

So why the wait, head over and let your Android taste buds rejoice and make merry in the sea of Android that Google has let us to swim in.

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