Google Launches The $1300 Chromebook Pixel

Chromebooks in the past few months have gained traction as one of best portable devices which can be used as secondary cheap alternative to your main computer. No, it would not replace your existing machine since the Chromebook still has some major drawbacks such as no disk drive, relatively low specs and lack of full blown apps as you are closed by the web apps available on Chrome Store. However, if you are looking for a device for a rough and rugged use, then Chromebooks due to their price efficiency are a great buy. However, it seems like Google wants to have a premium product in their lineup of Chromebook, and it is no surprise that after months of rumors, Google announced the ‘Pixel’ which is a high end $1300 Chromebook.


The ‘Pixel’ has the best pixel density of any laptops out there cramming a very impressive 239 PPI in a 12.85 inch tall screen. The resolution on Pixel Chromebook is impressive 2560×1700 and the viewing angles and colors on the device are said to be the best in business. The body is entirely made out of anodized Aluminium with the touch pad made out of etched glass. The device also boasts a back-lit keyboard similar to a Macbook Pro. The device is powered by Intel’s i5 processor and has 32 GB of SSD on board for storage purpose. You also get 1TB of space in Google Drive to store your files in the cloud.

The Pixel Chromebook is available in both Wi-Fi and LTE version. The LTE version will set you back by $1450. However, it remains a question if the device is worth all the money, when you can easily pick a basic Chromebook for about $200 to $400. We have been using Chromebook as our back up device for over a month now, and would be extremely skeptical to spend $1300 on it, when there are options in market which are a lot more powerful and even cheaper. The device is already available to pick in the Play Stores in UK and US.

However, only time will tell if Chromebook Pixel would prove to be a hit among customers or would it be just another of those devices that were launched for an elite set of customers. You can check out the video of the device here:

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