Google looks set to revamp the UI of Gmail for Web

Gmail is perhaps the most popular free E- Mail service out there. Several users rely on Google not only as their personal go to mail client but also for corporate communications. While it is possible to customise Gmail on the web using certain third party plugins and tools to make the who experience a little more immersive, it must be said that Gmail for the web at least has been pretty much how it was a few years ago with only minor changes here and there.

Gmail- Redesign- Leak

Looks like Google has decided that the time has come for a radical redesign of the service to bring it in line with the design language that Google has been pretty much pushing along on Android. The screenshots of a redesigned Gmail have been leaked out by which indicate a huge facelift.

Gmail for web would also bring a button like layout moving away from ugly side and top bars. The buttons would include the functions most used such as Compose, remind etc. This also indicates that maybe Google is set to integrate services like Google Keep into Gmail for web which is sweet. Not just that, Gmail for web would also bring in new mail categories such as Finance in addition to Updates, Social and Primary. You can also snooze mails and pin them. Star functionality looks like it is on its way out. Hangouts icon has been shifted to the top right and always showing contacts can be turned off.

It is worth mentioning that Google has rolled this change to a select few users only and it just may be a test of something greater that may come. In the past too Google has tested such redesigns and did not decide to take them live.

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