Google Maps 2.0 Update Rolls out for iPad

Google Maps must be one of the most used applications on any iOS device and iPad is no different. We have grown to become the fan of the application especially after how poorly Apple optimized their in house mapping solutions and honestly lack of any viable alternative. Google, to their credit have always strived to improve maps and added new information as well as new UI which meant the application became a whole lot more impressive and useful after every iterative update.


Google had announced some major changes to the Maps UI, including a neater and cleaner UI alongside more subtle color scheme. This update has been rolling out in shifts, we had Android receiving it last week and seems like next up is the number of iPad. The number of tourists using Google Maps on their iPads is phenomenal and as a result, there is no doubt this update will prove to be a hit.

You get all the Android features such as incident reporting and redirecting features as well as support for the larger touch screen of iPad which would perhaps use the larger estate of the screen to display information. You also get the explore feature where you can look at the local bars and pubs or any place of interest, review or read review of it and be good to go. To get the update, simply click on the App Store icon on your iPad and from there update it.


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