Google Maps Soon To Be Available Offline For Android

In the just concluded Google hosted Conference, Google has just confirmed that Google Maps would soon be available to its users for offline usage. This is especially great for all those users who wish to travel abroad but do not have a data connection. You would be able to save the maps for a certain loation and view it from your device provided you have the maps application downloaded.

Also Google demonstrated to the audience its plans to take maps to the whole new level by rendering the cities into 3D and making it way more realistic. The maps would project all the cities in a 3D model which you can use to navigate more efficiently. These maps are slated to be released in the coming weeks for both Android and iOS devices. Google said that in an attempt to make map of the world they have essentially made map for the world seeing they now have 1 billion active users of Google Maps per month.

These announcements from Google are absolutely thrilling if you are a maps user because it will take the navigation to a whole new level. Stay tuned while we bring to you all the developments related to the new Google maps in 3D.
Edit: Here is the Video to show you all the capabilities:

And here is the demo of 3D Mapping:

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