Google Minus Tells You Who Removes You From His Google Plus Circle

Google Plus, an amazing social media tool from Google, has noted a tremendous increase in its user base. I daily found lots of random persons adding me to their Google Plus circle. It definitely gives you a good feeling when someone adds you to their circle. The whole Circle system works like Twitter follow unfollow game. You can’t control who follows or who unfollow you on Google Plus, but you can now know who unfollow you or who removes you from his Google plus circle.

There is a Google Chrome extension which does exactly the same. It automatically makes a popup on your browser every time someone removes you from his circle. Cool, isn’t it. The name Google Minus is self explanatory. To get this extension all you need to do is go to the developers website and install the extension on your browser.


Before using this extension, I want to bring one thing under your notice that it can access your important data like data on websites, your physical location, browsing history, browsing activity, and other important data.


If you are someone who don’t mind leaking all these data then you definitely go for it, otherwise wait for some better extension.

Meanwhile, you can check Google Plus top users list by Social Statistics which is based on number of people added you on their circle.

Download Google Minus [via Ampercent].

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