Google Nexus Tablet 7 Confirmed By Asus Executive

The main attraction of the about to start Google I/O Conference is the Nexus 7 inch tablet manufactured by Asus. It would be Google’s first tablet with their Nexus Branding. The tablet was first spotted in a benchmark test and then later on the specs were all but confirmed. Few images of the tablet were leaked too. The rumored specs and images of the device can be found here.

However, there were no official words about the tablet, untill an Asus executive himself all but confirmed that the tablet is indeed coming. Here is exactly what he had to say “It’s targeting Amazon,” the unnamed executive told Reuters. “The Kindle is based on Google’s platform but with its own service, so Google has to launch its own service, too.”

Reuters have reported through the following statement that the tablet is all set to take on Kindle rather than the undisputed king of tablets that is the iPad.

“Google Inc will soon unveil a tablet co-branded with Taiwan’s Asustek Computer Inc and priced to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire device, an Asustek executive said on Wednesday.”

The date or the price expected at the launch are still pretty much unknown about the tablet, but it is rather safe to safe that with Kindle Fire stalling a little bit, the Nexus Tablet is more than likely to do very well in the market.

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Via: Technobuffalo, Reuters, TechRadar

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