Google Now Brings Occasional Reminders to make sure you do not miss out on Important Tasks

Google has been aggressively adding features to Google Now in order to make it one of the most useful and distinct features of Android. Recently Google added the ability to follow the World Cup as well as an interesting predictor to the service to make it more intuitive to use. Yesterday late night, Google added another interesting feature which allows you to set occasional reminders.


So far, you could set up exact reminders on Google Now which basically meant the device will alert you at the set time about a task that needs to be performed. Occasional reminders are slightly different. The way they function is very similar to like our moms who keep on reminding us of a task that needs to be done over a period of time. Something like, ‘Need to Pick up the book and study for the GMAT test’ would make perfect sense to go into occasional reminders as it would keep showing up at regular intervals so you do not miss out on things that do not require immediate attention.

It is not clear how often would these occasional reminders would show up, though a calculated guess is about every 1 or 2 days. You can access the feature by updating to the latest version of Google Search and then heading over to Setting reminders the way you normally would.

Via: Android Police


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