Google Now Wins User Experience Award for 2013

User Experience Awards are held every year to pick the service with exceptional User Experience. The awards for 2013 were held in New York City on May 21st and the Grand Prize at UX Awards was bagged by Google Now. Google Now is a service by Google that browses through your web history and gives you useful information such as weather reports, stocks, traffic conditions and spots to visit nearby. Google Now was recently launched on iPhone too and as a result is now widely available. With a card style UI with Holo-esque theme and a simple swipe to cancel gesture, it is no surprise that Google Now was selected for the award.


Google has indeed done an incredible job with Google Now, and the voice assistant too built in is pretty much the best out there. All in all, the experience of using Google Now is not only incredible simple and smooth but also the learning curve is non existent. The app gets better as you use it and adds things based on your web search. You can easily get scores of your favorite teams, and get updated information as their matches progress.

On the panel of judges were some of distinguished members such as Robyn Peterson, the CTO of Mashable, Chris Jaffe, the Director of Product Innovation at Netflix among others. You can check out Google Now in a video below, and if you haven’t used the app, and own an iPhone or an Android device with ICS or above Android version, make sure to update your Google Search application.

Via: userexperienceawards

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