Google Officially Halts the Sale of Nexus 5

Like all things, good or bad must come to an end, the life cycle of the Nexus 5 too has been done away with. In a report published on The Verge it is clear to read that a Google spokesperson told their publication that while some stocks of the Nexus 5 still exists, the main focus of Google and their retail partners would be on the Nexus 6 and that the Nexus 5 will officially be retired. The US Play Store no longer has the Nexus 5 listing either, so the only Nexus device you can pick up as of today in the States is the newly announced Nexus 6.


The story is same for the Indian Play Store too, and the only devices you can pick with the Nexus moniker are the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. You can pick up Android Wear as well as the Chromecast from the Play Store. Surprisingly, there is no more listing of the Nexus 7 either, which means that they too have been taken off the market by Google and the focus will only be on this year’s high end models. With the life of about 16 months, you would not say that the Nexus 5 lived as long as it should have.

Take an example of an Apple for that matter where a few generations older iPhone 4s still continues to sell at a reasonable price, you would be hard pressed to argue that Google could well have kept the Nexus 5 but at a lower price point, just to give the customers enough options. Oh well, to each their own we guess.


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