Google Plans to Add a Layer of Social on Search

It what could well be one of the most interesting experiments to its Search functionality, Google plans to add a layer of Social on top of it. No, Google is not planning to integrate Google+ to Search but instead building a static layer, which would be non-interactive just on top of Search. To experiment this, Google is rolling out a feature where eminent personalities will be given their personal space to write or publish videos when someone searches for their name. Right now, Google is calling it Posts, though there could be a new name by the time this comes out.

Publish on Google

The feature is very much in testing and being rolled out to the candidates of the US Presidency elections. So soon enough, if you search for Donald Trump, you will see a published letter form him addressing you or maybe a video of the speech. The feature will be opening to more celebrities and famous personalities to allow them an interaction with those who are interested in them. The product directly aims to take shots at the likes of Moments from Facebook, but it being available right on the Searcg page, you know that Google is betting big guns against Facebook.

You can read and know more about the planned testing around the feature, right here.

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