Google Play Movies App Gets Info Card Support With Latest Update

As you all know that Google Play Movies & TV app lets users watch movies and TV shows purchased on Google Play. Watching movies and TV shows on Android phone and tablet becomes easier now. This nifty app has been updated recently.

By using this app now you can pause the current playing movie and immediately one card will appear on your screen showing info about the movie actor on your screen.  On tapping on actor’s face will provide you more information about actor such as his age, date of birth, place of birth, his character in movie and his previous work. When you complete looking into info of actor, you can resume the movie and the card will disappear from your screen. Amazing, isn’t it.


This app is really useful for those people who use to watch movie with the proper information of actors acting in movie. This app is really boon to them. According to Google, this new feature is offered for hundreds of movies in Google Play and they are adding more movies every day.

Google has released the updated app for tablet users only. If you live in US then you can download this app on your tablet and enjoy watching movie.

Download Google Play Movies & TV app.

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