Google Play Store on Web Gets UI Update

Things are changing thick and quick as far as designing of various things related to Android are concerned. First we had the whole Holo theme in ICS, then we moved to similar card like minimalistic design features of various applications such as Google Now and recently the whole redesigning of the Google Play Store. Looks like we have a new member now though, as the Google Play Store on the web has also been redesigned to match the same card like minimalistic UI of various apps on Android and go in with the same design philosophy.

Play Store

The Play store definitely looks a lot neater and cleaner while the square box like UI keep sit in sync with how things are on Android devices. Gone are the hideous lines and thick borders of the Play Store and now when you visit, you are greeted with a neat message that says things have been changed. Apart from the redesign, we have not really noticed any major update in the Store.

Play Store Redesign

The apps screen now shows a lot more data than previously and the font used also is easier on the eye than the the thin ones used earlier. Things look snappier and we like the translucent effect of the background when we select an app to install.

You can also try out the new web app store here.

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