Google Play Updated To Add App Recommendations

Google Play has definitely come leaps and bounds since it was designed as the Android Market place initially. Google gave it a massive facelift as well as added a lot of new categories too. We recently saw the categories of Movies and books being added to the play store, and the most recent addition being the magazines. However it seems like Google really wants us to pick applications from the Play Store. It has now been updated to recommend the applications to users.

The way this works is that Google hand picks applications based on the apps that you have searched on the play store and the applications that have been searched in your region the most. This is rather ambiguous because in case you are in a region like India you get most of the applications that have been developed in the country. Yes, even though we love the idea, it feels like the idea should be worked upon. It is extremely raw but if given a good refinement it may work out to be a real boon especially for people who are new to the world of Android. In case you want the latest Play Store on Android, you either have to upgrade it manually by downloading an .apk file or wait for the latest OTA which would no doubt install the new market place on your device.

What are your views on this latest addition to the Play Store? Do let us know in the section below.

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