Google Purchases Waze Maps

Waze has been in news a lot lately as some of the big players in the tech industry such as Google, Facebook and even the likes of Apple being reported of having an interest in buying the company. Unlike other mapping solutions out there, Waze is probably one of the most unique ones and as a result you could understand the high interest in the COmpany. However, when the push came to shove, it seems like Google has won the tug of war as it confirmed that Waze has now been purchased by Google for a cool $1.3 Billion. However, Google is reportedly going to let Waze remain independent, at least for now.


Google Vice President, wrote the following in a Blog Post:

“We’ve all been there: stuck in traffic, frustrated that you chose the wrong route on the drive to work. But imagine if you could see real-time traffic updates from friends and fellow travelers ahead of you, calling out ‘fender bender … totally stuck in left lane!’ and showing faster routes that others are taking…The Waze community and its dedicated team have created a great source of timely road corrections and updates”

Waze is reportedly the fourth biggest accusation by Google and given that it is one of the fastest growing solutions out there, this comes as no shock. The company has pretty much doubled it’s user base in the past six months and will benefit massively from the Google branding.

Via: The Guardian

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