Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts [Quick Tip]

If you are someone who reads more than 100 blogs a day then visiting to them one by one and waiting for new content is definitely a lame idea. It is better to add all the blog’s feed at a same place and get all the update from one interface. For RSSS junkies, Google reader is probably the best feed reading tool for you. It is a real time saver.

Keyboard shortcuts always makes your work easy. It saves time. In Google reader you can always make use of keyboards shortcuts to read the feeds easily and quickly. Google divided these shortcuts into four categories. Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts available in Google reader.


Navigation related shortcuts

  • j/k: next/previous item
  • space: next item or page
  • <Shift> + space: previous item or page item scan
  • n/p: down/up (list only)
  • <Shift> + n/p: next/previous subscription
  • <Shift> + x: expand folder
  • <Shift> + o: open subscription or folder

Items  shortcuts

  • s: star item
  • l: like item
  • t: tag item
  • e: email item
  • <Shift> + s: share item
  • <Shift> + d: share item with note
  • v: view original
  • o/enter: expand/collapse item (list only)
  • c: add comment
  • <Shift> + c: view comments
  • m: mark item as read/unread
  • <Shift> + a: mark all as read
  • <Shift> + t: open “send to” menu

Jumping shortcuts

  • g then h: go home
  • g then a: go to all items
  • g then s: go to starred items
  • g then <Shift> + s: go to shared items
  • g then u: subscription selector
  • g then t: open tag selector
  • g then <Shift> + t: go to trends page
  • g then d: go to discovery page
  • g then f: open friend selector
  • g then <Shift> + f: go to friends’ shared items
  • g then c: comment view
  • g then e: go to explore
  • g then p: go to popular items

Application shortcuts

  • r: refresh
  • f: toggle full screen mode
  • u: the left hand side module
  • 1: switch to expanded view
  • 2: switch to list view
  • /: move cursor to search box
  • a: add a subscription
  • =: increase magnification
  • -: decrease magnification

I know it is hard to remember all these keyboard so why don’t you hit the “?” button of your keyboard within reader interface and get the list of all the available shortcuts.

[via Google Reader support].

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