Google- Rise And Rise Of Android

  • 2 billion searches a day.
  • $21 billion a year in revenue.
  • The luckiest and most successful company in the history of the world.
  • 6 simple letters on a plain white page. That’s the face of the most powerful technology company in the world.It’s a company like no other- GOOGLE.

Google keeps every search query, what you type in the box forever. In a few year researchers believe that google might be the equivalent of the web itself. It’s that big.

Google’s Android now tops the burgeoning smartphone market. Today millions rely on Google’s search engine and other online features such as google maps, gmail, gmail chat, calendar etc. Thanks to Google’s brilliant innovative mobile platform, Android we have these facilities available on our finger tips as well. We now have cell phones powered by an amazing product of the Internet giant.

It’s easy to see that a main advantage of android is it’s integration with google. This gives all the above advantages and also  gives the ability to auto sync our phones with gmail contacts and calendar data. Another distinctive feature is the fact that Android is an open source platform unlike it’s rival the Apple’s IOS. It has an ever expanding library of downloadable apps.

Part of android’s strength and appeal comes from the fact that its success doesn’t depend on any one manufacturer. Rather you name any one randomly and it would be offering android as it’s OS. All smartphones and even the the blooming tablet industry nowadays are running on the android platform. While the iPhone will always be a tough competitor Android has quite comfortably outmatched the Blackberry and others as it is vying for a permanent  top spot. It has seen a startling growth in the past year. With the dawn of this super power in mobile OS industry its probably high time you too switched to Android.

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