Google Rumored to be Acquiring Whatsapp For $1 Billion

In what could be one of the biggest coups of the tech industry, Google could well be on their way to acquiring the popular cross platform IM client, Whatsapp. Google and Whatsapp have enjoyed a successful time in the past few years thanks to Android becoming a household name. But it seems like the two of them are all set to come together now under one brand name. Whatsapp is by far and away the best and most used cross platform Messenger while Google continues to make giant erodes into the mobile market.


There were also suggestions a couple of months ago that Samsung could be planning to purchase Whatsapp but not much came from there, so it could well be that just like that story, this one may never materialize. But there is usually no smoke without fire and we are all well aware that Google have been working on a Chat Client codenamed Babble to unify chatting across platforms. What could be a winning combination is a merging of GTalk and Whatsapp. Having Whatsapp on tablets as well as PC could open up new horizons for a service that is currently only available on Smart Phones.

Whatsapp has so far stayed free of ads and a nominal fee of $.99 means it is definitely here to stay. And although the discussions have been reported to be taking place in the past couple of weeks, Whatsapp seems to be playing the hardball to get closer to the $1 Billion mark. Just like the year 2012 was the year of acquisition of Photo sharing apps like Instagram, the year 2013 could well be the year where popular IM clients change the ownership. All of this could well never materialize, but it sure is an interesting enough news.

Via: Digitaltrends

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