Google Schemer: Find Stuff to do and Recommend to Friends

Google has just released their new idea called Schemer. It is another social networking tool that is being released to challenge the big guns in the area of interest like Facebook and Twitter. And by the looks of it, it can provide a run for their money. This new website released by Google allows users to share their interests, discuss them with friends and even celebrities. Also, if you don’t have anything to do, you can find stuff to do on Schemer.


Schemer is currently in the beta stage so it allows for users only through invitations. Users can add themselves to the waitlist so they can get their invites as soon as they arrive. But the website has many features that are new and innovative which will direct interest from users of all kinds. You can keep track of what you want to do on the internet, pick something interesting and go there through Schemer.

If you’re having difficulty finding something to do on the internet, then you can find stuff to do from the section on Schemer dedicated to those kinds of users. The website offers a variety of ideas and links from the internet and displays them to the user to help  make their browsing experience more productive. Users can even get ideas from their friends and even celebrities and experts on topics that interest them.

Visit  Schemer to add yourself to the waitlist.

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