Google Search for Windows Phone Receives an Update

In an update that had been long due, Windows Phone Users who are using Google Search and not Bing will be relieved to see the Search has been bought somewhat to a level of Android and iOS compatriot. The Windows Phone users would now be able to use the Voice Search which has been present on other major platforms for what looks like ages. So, yes, cue up and and ask your Lumia device in all probability, “What’s the Temperature like outside” and you will receive a response from Google Now.


However, the response is all text right now and not voice like it is on Android. However, is a step in the right direction and hopefully we will be able to have voice results soon too. Not just that, this may well be beginning of some sort of cordial relationship between Google and Microsoft and we may see more developments such as a consolidated and better Youtube app for Windows Phone 8.

For now though, make sure if you have Search installed on your device that you update it, once you do that you will receive all the features of the new Google Search for WP. You can also now, sign into Google account and be able to save up things like your Web Search History, which we are sure you are not really interested in.

Via: Google

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