Google Set To Bring Massive Update to Gaming Experience on Android

Games have always been a big feature when it comes to mobile applications. Not only people look for the number of utility or social apps that are available when deciding whether to go with iOS or Android or even WP devices, they want to make sure that their favorite games such as Angry Birds or Temple Run or Assasin’s Creed work or not. However, gaming experience on iOS so far has been better than Android and one of the reasons behind that has been Game Center which allows you to post your high score and challenge your friends to beat you at a particular game. The best bit is, just about every game is supported in Game Center and therefore provides a nice platform for you to share all your gaming prowess with friends. Android are building something very similar called Google Games if the rumors are to be believed.


According to Android Police the next version of Play Services will include a huge update to the way games are played on Android devices. Now you will be able to send your high scores to the people in your G+ list, or send them directly to your friends or even sync your high scores in cloud so you can continue where you left off on another device. It basically will help you make gaming a lot more Social.

The launch of the new services is not very clear but we do believe it to be one of the major talking point when Google I/O kicks off from 15th May onwards. This move will certainly attract hardcore games to Android which as of now are more inclined towards iOS counterparts. Maybe this move will also encourage developers to develop more Android games since the number in quality games is much lower as compared to iOS.


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