Google Set to End the Nexus Line of Devices to Replace it with Premium Range of “Android Silver”?

The future of Nexus range of smartphones has been up for debate for a while now. We have heard several reports about Google considering the future of the devices, especially given the low margins that the phones bring to the company. According to the latest reports in The Information Google now plans to turn away from the Nexus range of smartphones completely and will replace it with Android Silver which will bring a range of Premium Nexus like devices running stock Android.

Android Silver

Google’s Android Silver programme will allow Google to collaborate with several of its OEM partners such as LG and Motorola as they would produce Android devices with minimum bloat on them and pretty much every non Google App would be uninstall-able giving users very much a Nexus like feel. Unlike the Nexus line, the Silver line of devices will focus on top end build quality and materials and Google will work on providing the updates to the device. This definitely means that these device will not be as cheap as the Nexus smartphones.

In a way, think of the Silver Android devices as more HTC One M8 Google Play Editions. However, seeing most of the partners such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola and SOny already are offering Google Play Edition Devices, there could be an issue bringing them on board, or maybe Google will look to merge the Nexus and Google Play Edition lines of devices and call them Android Silver. High marketing budgets will see the device reach plenty of carriers and regions and will include latest features like Waterproofing, dust resistance and ‘always on’ voice recognition.

These devices are expected to be launched in markets like Brazil, India, Germany and Japan sometime next year.

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