Google Set to Launch the Youtube App for Kids on February 23rd

YouTube has reported a rise of viewership of about 50% Year on Year for the past couple of years. However, what has been an interesting stat is that the family oriented content alone has seen a rise of 200% on YouTube. Therefore, it is a clear indication that kids and ladies are enjoying YouTube more than anyone else is doing so. It makes sense to keep this audience at the heart of things and do something for just them.


Google has announced that a new YouTube application will be launched on February 23rd which will called YouTube for kids. As the name suggests, the application will cater to the kids which means several of the things from a full-fledged YouTube app will be missing or different. For a start, the UI of the application will be vastly simpler as compared to that of the current app, the comments in the videos will be disabled and the content will be curated too. Not just this, the application will also bring in a feature where parents can password lock the time when the application will automatically turn off, making sure that the kids do not over spend the time on YouTube.

The only unfortunate bit is that the application will be an Android exclusive for now, and there has been no word on the iOS version of the application.

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