Google Set To Retire iGoogle In 2013

In a news that may come as a fair amount of surprise to everybody, Google is set to retire iGoogle starting from November 1st, 2013. For those who are unaware of iGoogle, it is a more personalized form of Google like none other where you can configure to add up Twitter, Facebook and other social media feeds alongside your mail inbox and various other small widgets.

I personally don’t know about others but I found iGoogle pretty useful. Having Gtalk widget alongside mails and all the social feeds with a handy currency converter and a nice quotes generator was of immense help. Here is the official announcement from Google on their blog regarding the plans to retire iGoogle.

It is definitely a little shocking seeing the reason. I guess the main reason maybe down to the fact that a lot of people did not really use iGoogle. I had it set as my home page so that i did not have to navigate across 5/6 sites every time i logged on to the internet to see what is going on. It is definitely apps like TweetDeck that have solved the entire purpose of iGoogle over the last year or so. However, every user has about the same 16 months to wind down their data and shift to a service they would like. For the time it was there, iGoogle was definitely one of the things I loved about Google.

Via: Google

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