Google Starts Shipping Redesigned Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is one of the best smart phones out there. Maybe simply specs wise devices such as the Galaxy S III or even the HTC One X eclipse it but the fact that it is so sparsely available in the market today that make it all the more desirable. In our short time with the device we did find a few major issues such as washed out screen, a camera beneath the glass which picked up loads of scratches and the glass back panel which is pretty exposed to the outside making it prone to shattering.


Seems like Google has paid lots of attention to their customer complains and has decided to make small changes to the design of their flagship device. When kept side by side, the old and new Nexus 4 are not all that distinguishable but if you have an eye for the detail you will notice the changes.

the major design change comes in the form of addition of small nub tips at the rear of the device. there are two reasons for this, the first being pretty obvious to prevent the glass from coming in direct contact with the surface on which it is kept to prevent damage while the other being that these tips would help in better sound dispersion as speaks would no longer be in direct contact with the surface. There are also minor camera tweaks, though nobody is quiet sure of them yet.

There is no way to find out yet if the Nexus 4 you already ordered would be the newer or the older one, so we do recommend our readers to wait a little before buying the device just to make sure they pick the newer ones.

Via: Technobuffalo, Android Central

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